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Keeping Your Child Safe
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How to Keep My Child Safe

  • Participate in your child’s activities.
  • Get to know your child’s friends.
  • Teach your child the difference between good touches and “confusing” touches.
  • Be aware of changes in your child’s behavior or attitude.
  • Ask them questions about how they’re feeling.
  • Listen when your child says he/she does not want to be with someone and find out why.
  • Be alert for any talk that reveals premature sexual understanding or knowledge.
  • Tell your child what to do if he/she becomes separated from you when you’re out.
  • Pay attention when someone shows greater than normal interest in your child.
  • Make certain your child’s school will release him/her to only you or someone you designate.
  • Teach your child the correct names of all their body parts.
  • Never discipline your child when your anger is out of control.